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Problema dėl Protocol 48/47


The problem of protocol 48/47


A few days of steam released updeitą Counter-Strike 1.6 game. I do not know what is there for them šovė, but the new version they called the Counter-Strike 1.6 Beta. Well the beta is a beta. New version - nothing special - revised several settings gaps (human language as an exploit), and implemented in the avatar showing Nikko (where the pressures tab to see how prifraginai).

Kame then necessities? Updated steam legally players can no longer connect to the existing nosteam servers. Administrators of this problem could be solved by updating the server protocol 48, but then the server can not connect nosteam players with the patch has not yet been created. Paradox. Gap between the steam and nosteam players may grow strong, if not soon released any amendments (and yes - patch). Stay tuned!


What's happening?


Recently, Counter-Strike.lt website kamavo problems, so I had to find another server. The page itself was created long ago, so something will stir even the benefits. The new version of the site is already developed for some time, but for various reasons, the delay, work is delayed and, therefore, still nothing. Actually, this year promise something it would be an exaggeration, therefore, can not offer anything other than apsiginkluoti patience and a little more luktelėti.

Server administrators as well waiting for the page http://servers.counter-strike.lt update, which should prove even more of this or next week. This will be slightly modified, a temporary version, replacing the current, but this is not the final version of the list of servers, and in the future should see a drastic change.

And what is simply the newer CS world? This year did not even nail the annual Lithuanian CS scene of the former event - WCG selection. Dismay of those who still do not know - the tournament organizers decided to lay by Lithuania and other Baltic countries - the fight took place in the Internet (online), and not as priderite at least mid-level tournament in March from conducting LAN. Before the three weeks preceding the event ultra.h Lithuanians remained second, weakening the first place and Estonians sYnck for myself, the third place, leaving the Latvian escala.

Yet notice the trend that, albeit slowly, but still popular in CS Source. That opportunity is likely to need to start writing, and that theme, as well as a game to load the necessary files and other resources.

So today. Good day and a little more patience:)
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